Targeted Aid

I just made a donation to Red Cross. Money that shall go to the people of Haiti. It feels like the right thing to do. But on the other hand I am not completely satisfied giving away money to an organization where I don’t see where my money i

s used. I would like to know if my money was used to get people drinking water, avoid diseases or perhaps it was to buy food? Actually I would even want to be able to decide how the money was used.

I would like to come to a site where I can select region or aid (or a selection of both) and see what my options are. In today’s example I would like to choose ‘Haiti’ and ‘Water’ if there was any such organization. And for me the smaller the organization – the better it is.

The future will hold a bunch of amazing individuals that by themselves make a huge difference. I’d love to donate money to their account, knowing they would make the most out of the donations. There’s the part about trust that needs to be solved, but that should be able to solve with the right rating system. Ratings placed only by trusted individuals and organizations.

Isn’t more tempting knowing that your money was used to set up a school in Vietnam, or to finance a business in Bangladesh? It is for me.

This will be a project of mine in the future, unless someone else creates what I am looking for. I just registered


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