Printers from hell

When you buy a new printer, you expect it to work. It never really does.

I wish I had never tested to replace Canon ink with the cheaper useless inkclub replacement. In a few days it clogged the printer head and now I can’t print black on my

lovely Pixma 5000. So I went out and bought a new one. I got an upgraded Pixma 4500 but now my computer crashes every time I try to print. I look for updated drivers, but there are none to find. How difficult can it be to create a driver?

Went out to my parents for dinner. My father asked me to install his HP printer. Sure it should be simple. In this case I got an error message. I installed, reinstalled. I tried it all, but with no luck. Until I found this lovely site (!.aspx), created by someone who obviously had time to spare. How in the world did he figure out that? It worked for me as well.

But how can HP allow something like this to happen without updating the drivers? I Google Hp driver hell and I get close to 2 million hits. Can’t the HP people do the same and fix them. Should we really spend hours on this.

Did I solve my Canon problem. No, now I reinstalled the old Pixma 5000 and change color from black to dark grey each time I print… Not a long term solution, but it works for now.


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