Entrepreneurs Anonymous

I really wish there was something like Entrepreneurs Anonymous. Somewhere we could turn when we come up with these new brilliant ideas that I can’t work on, because I have to put all efforts into one single idea.

You have this ground breakin

g idea and that’s what it will remain- an idea.

On the bright side, I am finally seeing the good side of this. After seven years of practice, I am finally focusing on one – WaiterAid (www.waiteraid.com). What initially started out as a guest management tool, is now an advanced online booking facility. But even better – by placing all development efforts and all thoughts in one product, it was really easy to see some significant improvements. And the more effort I put in, the more new ideas came about. Three months ago I would have said that WaiterAid was close to perfection. Now after 8 weeks of constant improvements we know the road ahead will involve tons of new features and functions.

But most importantly we actively started marketing and selling WaiterAid. I was naive and thought that the online registration would bring in tons of clients. Well maybe when I am Google, but not yet, that’s for sure. The first seven years generated seven clients. One per year. Brilliant, we’ll be break-even by the time I’m dead. Better now, the last 4 weeks we signed up 11 more restaurants. And this is just the beginning.

Now comes the challenging part – keeping these clients satisfied. Oh, how easy it is to bring them in and forget about them. Can’t tell that I will succeed here, but we’ll do our best.

We have the goal of 100 restaurants by the end of February 2011. If we make it I’ll write all these blog posts about how to create an online business. And we will. I hope.

But back to my disease – being an entrepreneur. Unfortunately I am not yet cured. I am quite ill right now. I know when I am sick, because that’s when ideas start popping into my head. And right now, they just won’t go away. But you gotta understand. I have the solution to how media shall charge for content. And I also have this embrio of a pan-European second-hand fashion destination. How can I just let that go?


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