Empty Schedule

9am: Perfect. I don’t have anything planned for today. This is the perfect. The desk is full. I’ll just organize all the stuff and get all invoices paid. I’ll get to all those old emails, and then I promised to update my friends web page. That sh

ouldn’t take long. I’ll probably take the afternoon off. Maybe call my wife and have a long lunch.

9.15am: [phone rings] Really, you can’t log in? That’s strange. Let me check. You’re right. I’ll call you back.

9.30am: [email] Yesterday our restaurant got over booked. How can that happen?

Hmm, beats me, I’ll have to take a look.

10am: Site’s up again. Apparently some router in south of Sweden crashed. No clue about the over booked restaurant.

11am: No clue

12am: [call client] I see something strange here. One booking goes from 8 people to 20 people suddenly. Was this done manually? … Oh it was… Well, that is probably the issue. ok bye.


1pm: Now time to take care of the desk. Or not? You said Gumblar? That nasty little virus just corrupted all our files and added a little script. You say I have to go in and edit each and every file on the ftp? But there are hundreds of them.

2pm: editing

3pm: editing

4pm: editing

5pm: done. I’ll do the desk tomorrow.


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