Twitter addict, but what shall I say?

Just like I started blogging, I also started using Twitter. I was really hesitant but wanted to really give it a try. I can’t be a consultant in the area without being able to tell what Twitter is about. I signed up years ago, but never started f

ollowing people, nor did I tweet myself. Why should I? I had zero followers. A bit of a catch 22. It’s kind of silly Tweeting out in cyber space, with no one listening.

I started following some entrepreneurs, some cool people, some Swedish friends and, of course, Britney Spears. After installing Tweetie (iPhone Twitter app) I had a new friend. I log in and I get an update about things. What was really interesting was that after a few weeks it became easier eye glancing today’s tweets and depending on the amount of time I had, I got faster at finding the Tweets that I wanted to read.

At the same time I tested some Tweeting of my own. I tested some tweets referring to my blog. Some funny stuff and some retweeting of others’ Tweets. But the more I Tweet, the less I feel I have anything to Tweet about. Although I am getting increasing value in the Tweets I read, my own just aren’t interesting.

Now I am getting a bit of stage freight. I now have 38 followers. From from my goal of a thousand. But now, someone might actually be reading. Now I have to say some smart stuff so they retweet, or at least don’t unfollow me, god forbid. What started out as an experiment and a game is now turning into a competition. And that’s dangerous. If it’s a competition; I don’t want to lose.

I better find my Twitter rasion d’être soon.

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