Focus, focus, focus! (I know)

Focus, focus, focus is what they tell you to do, if you want to have a chance of making your way in business. I am sure it is the right thing to do. But on what?

Suddenly you come up with this amzing new idea. You know it will work. It’s a no-brainer. Well, nothing really is, which is what you quite soon will find out, but the excitement in the making is worth every minute spent, and hopefully every penny as well. You also learn so much when you dig into new territory.

It’s been difficult to compromise these two – focus and entrepreneurship. Now I have decided to focus on client projects and my main startup FoodFriends. Entrepreneurial efforts (like – How Media Will Charge Readers) must either take off by themselves upon launch, or need external financing and hired staff if I want to take them further. Haven’t been able to live up to this 100% yet, but working hard on getting there.

So what about that amazing flash-based web 2.0 “to-do-list” I have in mind? Hmm. Dang, I think it will have to wait. You like the idea? I’ll tell you more. You want to finance it? Let’s get started!

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