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It’s always interesting to see new business ideas popping up. Entrepreneurs all have different reasons to start their business. Some go by the text book and look for low competition and high margins. Others want to be truly innovative an

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rs just do what they love most, whatever that might be. All reasons are good reasons as long as it leads to a profitable business.

Apple’s huge success with all of their products has created a new segment of new businesses. It is fascinating to see all these companies that have found a new market due to all these phones and tablets from Apple. Many of these offer accessories that we now find neccessary to protect our dear assets. There are cases, keyboards and shields to name just a few.

A lot of small shops have also started because of iPhone’s biggest flaw – the screen and its tendancy to break far too easily. As a little tip to others, leaving an iPad on the roof of the car and then drive away turns out to be a bad idea. It still works so I turned it on and Googled “iPad glass broken” and that’s when it came clear what a big business this has become. It’s qite clear that I was far from alone, and luckily enough their are companies willing to take me out of my misery.

iphonereparation.se on Odengatan in Stockholm came to my rescue. When I got there I didn’t see a lonely guy with nothing to do. Instead I find 10 people, all focused on their current task. And all they do is to fix Apple products. so in Stockholm alone there is a market for at least three companies that can live off people dropping their phones (Or driving away from them…).

I’m the first person to praise Apple, ther products and what they have done in terms of changing the way we can use our phones. And many are the times that I wonder how in the world phones like Nokia (ow at last they seem to be taking up the competition) can sell any smart phones at all, when iPhone’s and Android’s offer so much more for the consumer. But I then forget one thing. I had several nokias and several sonyEricsson’s before switching to the iPhone. I don’t know how many times I dropped them, but they were many. and not once did they break. Three years living with Apple products, I have now experienced my third broken glass. That’s not all good – except for all these new businesses.

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