Free software as marketing idea

Pendosoft is mainly a web consultant, creating web sites for clients. But we can’t keep our hands off projects of our own as well. As soon as we feel that something is missing, or we can’t find something good enough on the web today, we create it

and launch it. We might not get all that many users, but at least we can use it for our own needs.

There are mainly three problems with this approach:
* You usually need a project manager also after launch to make the site become successful. Sites don’t just take off.
* Any site that costs money for the users needs significant marketing.
* These sites usually only reach v1.0, and we all know immediate success is very rare.

So the approach of running multiple small web projects is extremely difficult. Where do we spend the next dollar? On the latest project?

We have now decided to choose a different approach. Instead of trying to make each of these projects succesful on their own, we will make them all free as part of the marketing of our main business – Pendosoft.

We will start with three web utilities. Two were launched years ago. One is brand new. We are now finalizing the last parts of the “to do list” which will be launced in February. This will be exciting new approach. Please let us know if you wish to take part in a beta test, or if you have ideas or improvements later.


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